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Silver Maple Software works in websites (with an emphasis on CSS), multimedia, and programming. The main toolset is XHTML/CSS, Macromedia Director, and the standard programming languages. We are principally responsible for the CD-ROM and website for The Botanical Language and the websites for Zephyr Press, Wheelchair Mobility, Adobe Boston Users’ Group (defunct), and artists Wanda Metcalf and Bisbee Brown, and have been technical consultant on others. We have also done contract work on projects for MediaOne, Houghton Mifflin, and others.

Website construction methods have changed significantly in the last decade. Tables used to be the standard page layout mechanism, but they impose inflexibility and thus resistance to changing anything. The introduction of CSS promised flexibility with simpler code to start with. Browsers have finally caught up with the promise.

If you're still using tables for layout, let me analyze your website and show you how rebuilding your site will simplify the maintenance process and make any future changes easy, significantly improving accessibility at the same time. This analysis includes validation (required, but rare), attention to accessibility issues (generally totally lacking), use of HTML semantically instead of visually (rare), number and use of tables (fewer is better), font tags (should be none), use and quality of CSS (generally misguided), and any special features that may have an adverse effect on the quality of the site.

For my take on technical issues on websites see my (X)HTML/CSS standards. Anyone looking for a simple, affordable website should check Miss Metcalf's website.

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